The small gestures


„Festive architecture” takes delight in museums, concert halls and office buildings. It is designed by most popular, used by minority and turists are taking there numbers of photos where they are posing with smile and pride that they have a chance to be in such wonderful, important place. They can also touch a brick or a fragment of window to feel almost like participants in this piece of creation. And that’s pretty all.

Normal everyday life doesn’t have much in common with this. It is just a piece of surroundings which depending on quality is more or less annoying. The REAL life is affected by small things: well designed square, bench in a right place, preferably in front of a shoe shop, greenery near a playground and cafe with a garden. These are the things we use and there is no need to take photo, because it’s obvious that we’ll come back.


The Sky Garden is exactly this kind of nothing special. It is located on Ortakoy Square, which is one of most turistic and busiest squares in Istanbul. Putting a garden on the ground will only make situation worse and cause more density, that’s why they use steel structure and the garden is hanging. Thanks to that walkable surfaces aren’t reduced, but also gain shade and greenery. „Pavillion” provides sitting and garden acts as a roof, where people can stay under and watch Bosphorus. Idea of a structure refers to a tree with different branches above us. The garden looks like floating between water and sky.


System of flowerpots is based on simply pulley: plants on both sides of a wire are equally weighted, if we pull one, the other is rising up and backwards. Thanks to that pavillion became interactive and users are able to manipulate the arrangement of pots and look inside.

And in this way simple pavillion, which was made to create shading became an art installation. The architect allows people to play and at the same time gives them piece of his power over the design, which starts to live its own life. Using basic materials makes it authentic, contrast between linear steel structure (human factor) and organic fabric and wire and of course greenery shows integration based on antagonism. Beautiful landscape around creates surreal, fairy atmosphere.

Simple solutions are always the best, work best and has best reactions. In this case functionality was connected with great idea of engaging people into architecture and their surroundings, without big slogans and advertising campaigns. They can touch everything, children are playing, life is going on. That’s what is all about, right?

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Article based on: ArchDaily
Photographies: ArchDaily

The small gestures

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